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  1. Login and create Profile on with facebook is recommended for time saving. Log in
  2. Post Your Work and attach related files (if any).Post Your Work
  3. Wait For other users to send Bid requests.Keep an eye of Online Bids/offers. View Bids and click start Messaging if you want to discuss with Bidder.send messages to discuss.
  4. Grant Work To Bidder of your Grant work for this purpose.
  5. click Payments in workpanel or Dashboard to View account No .Pay the amount and fill the payment form.This amount will be saved for worker.The amount is saved under Escrow (escrow means that the market place will hold the price amount until the work is delivered and the employer send the satisfaction message otherwise return back.) .When the work is delivered and you are satisfied and fill the feedback form.the amount will be transfered to the worker account with small (10% or less fee as given fee schedule).
  6. Note.This website is genuine and we believe that "Honesty is the Best Policy".Therefore any complaint can block your account for ever.
  7. We are working to bring a very clear but strict policy for your convenience ,very soon.We are hiring experts to form a Review Committee to avoid and resolve disputes in case of any complaint .The decision of commitee will be with in three working days and will considered final.
  8. For any question which is not addressed here .we warmly welcome your suggestion and question through email

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