Creating Business Page

Creating Store Page well!if you have facebook or google account Creating the store page in is very just need to click place shop here link on menu bar
you will be directed to login page as shown in screen shot on facebook button and enter your mobile no in next page to login to website.
enter details of your store and upload picture of your store.

Upload Items

Before uploading items take atleast 4 pictures of your items from different sides .
on your on your add item page enter the detail of of item and upload picure of item and click submit button.then,upload photo page will be displayed.

upload photos

click on the add photo button on the store page for the item for a particular on the choose file and select the photo to upload and click upload button
repeat the same processs for all photos.

Upload video

Go to and create your chennel and upload video on youtube.then play the video and right click on the video and copy the embed code as shown in picture below.
then return to and edit the item on the store page and past the details field of item as shown in picture.


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