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Digital Computer college and science Academy

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Digital Computer college and science Academy
Digital Learning
"smart Academy for smart students " is an academy run under the supervision of islamic smart school on
here we teach students different computer skills . we are developing courses for other science subjects .
For Teachers
the teachers who are best in their subject are highly encouraged to join the project . we believe on "knowledge simplified"so the person who are well experienced ,well educated and having good communications skills are required in this project.both male and female teachers can join this academy .you just need to deliver these lectures in our studio and we will handle all production plus presentation work. The short listed teachers will be selected after demo classes. the selected teachers will be given packages with based on subject and enrollment. 
For Students:
 "The Time Is Money" and  attending the traditional class rooms are the things of the past now. the student are now provided their course material on their smart phones and they can when ever they are free. so instead on wasting time in academies and computer course institutions just join us and we will provide you the best of your choice. we have video lectures, assignments,past papers ,quize program and final examination .we will also provide the certificates to the computer students.
Share this message to all your friends and best teacher so that we can grow together and fast.i prefer to be contacted through email or whatsapp
fiaz ahmed ranjha
12/1/2018 8:10:31 PM
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